dc, april 2014.

'a pioneer with profound impact ' Apple~2014

january 24, 2014
VERY humbled and honored to be selected today on Apple's 30 year anniversary, as one of the 30 most influential mac users in their 30 year history.




david speaks to New York's TypeDirectorsClub  this next wednesday, april 23!  tdc.org/event/lifetypelife/  SOLD OUT

David Carson has been awarded the design professions highest award >the AIGA Gold Medal for 2014. http://www.aiga.org/medalist-david-carson/

#DavidCarson spoke to a sold out crowd (600+) at the Sophia Design Week, Bulgaria this past saturday, june 22,2013.
David returns to TYPO/Berlin may 14th-18. he'll be showing new work, including spreads from his new book.
upcoming lectures include england, san juan argentina. + a key note address in montreal canada.
david has just finalized the poster for the 50th anniversary of the BritishTheatre, signed copies to be availabe in october.......
david will be part of an art exhibition in los angeles, Dark Beach, july 27.
david spoke october 7th at weiden +kennedy to an already sold out audience during portlands design week.
david is the keynote speaker at : FUSE: Branding+ Design conference. april 2014/chicago.
davids seattle lecture on january 24th was a sell out !
david carson: currently designing graphics for #ACEHOTEL rooms in portland.
#DavidCarson nominated for East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame, 2014.

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"CARSON forged graphic design into a cultural force and a
medium with its own shape and direction. AIGA, 2014"

'CARSON is the most googled graphic designer in history, even surpassing some well known fine artists' Eye magazine, london

"One of America's most important artists...." _Smithsonian Institute magazine. March 2014

"he changed the public face of graphic design" -
"the art director of the era" creative review london
"the most important work coming out of america" ameri-
can center for design
"the most influential graphic designer of our times"
surfrider foundation, july '09
"He significantly influenced a generation to embrace ty-
pography as an expressive medium" - steven heller 2010
"our biggest star" AIGA(american institute of graphic arts)
"the greatest living graphic designer.." -brain pickings,
feb. 12, 2012
"..he feels the work..there's a strong element of intuition
-- and that fits because sometimes you can't describe
why his work is so beautiful." - Hillman Curtis
Graphic Design USA magazine(NYC) listed the "Most in
fluential graphic designers of the era" David was listed as
one of the top 5 most influential designers, along with
Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, Saul Bass and Massimo Vignelli.
' Innovator, pioneer, groundbreaker, gamechanger --
Carson deserves them all '--mark cameron/Fotorator may,
1, 2012

DC, april 28, 2012 : http://spiffingdesign.com/2012/

spoke at FIT
"I'll never forget when I asked David to speak at FIT and
he agreed. The best way to relate is to quote what they
said that when Aeschines spoke the people said, "How
well he speaks"; but when Demosthenes spoke, they
said, "Let us march!" Truly an inspiration and a great
communicator"August 20, 2008
-Staz Tsiavos,

skype: davidcarson.90
markpenfold.net carson.pdf

ray gun for ipad



dc, settin' up, 5.6 simmons quad, kase de Kane Garde. foto by ola  feb..2013

dc, sofia, bulgaria, june 23, 2013.

david's cover + december page design for surf photographer extrodinare #Ted Grambeua 2014 calendar.

david spoke to a sold out crowd at the new york type directs club, april 23,2014.


David Carson to keynote speak at FUSE:DESIGN+BRANDING 2014

FUSE: Design & Brand Strategy. FUSE celebrates a collaborative approach to building brands and unites top executives in brand strategy and design. Carsons work is inspirational and groundbreaking . The 18th annual FUSE will be on April 7- 9, 2014 in Chicago, IL.

FUSE 2014
We've just confirmed Phil Duncan, Global Design Officer at Procter & Gamble as well as speakers from Kimberly Clark, Gilt Groupe, Associated Press, Starwood Hotels, Johnson & Johnson, Target and more. I can promise FUSE 2014 will be well attended, provocative and a meaningful use of your time.

Past speakers read like a "who's who" of the brand and design world including Jonathan Adler, Ian Schrager, Philippe Starck, Rem Koolhaas, Isaac Mizrahi, Milton Glaser, Karim Rashid, Malcolm Gladwell among others. Every year FUSE presents a range of perspectives from the world's most recognized brands (like Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Pepsi, 3M, Target & Nike to name a few) as well as more niche players like One Love Organics, Plum Organics, Bliss Spa and more.


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Dc commissioned work for the smithsonian institute, washington dc. June 2014.  click

brand acumen (music: SKALPEL)  click

It has been an absolute pleasure and an honor to have the chance to work with you.
No one else could have captured our "mold-breaking" ideology quite like you did.
Suzanne / Brand Acumen

david carson + kelly slater discuss fin placement. biarritz, france.

david carson + Carl Ekstrom

audi exploration 2013  click

davids wall design for Ace hotel, portland, jan.2014

hamlet exploration  click

design +surfer:dc foto ola, april 2013.

david was commissioned to design the 50th anniversary poster for Britains National Theatre. Oct.2013. limited edtion signed prints, 100 copies.

for purchase! signed copies

David Carson, Marshall McLuhan, and the End of Print (Again) »
Buzz Poole on David Carson's experimental typography, its continuing relevance, its wider cultural importance, and how Marshall McLuhan predicted it all.  july 20,2012

What David Carson committed himself to was reading culture as it existed in technological frameworks that altered visual communication and short-circuited longstanding traditions of design and typography in order to fuse them to new and indifferent mediums that were no less effective in making their points.

quiksilver pro france/nyc web/fb site

The Magazine Factory, London.2013.

The Magazine Factory, London.2013.

The Magazine Factory, London.2013.

The Magazine Factory, London.2013.

The Magazine Factory, London.2013.

The Magazine Factory, London. 2013.

david's speaks to a sold out crowd on monday, october 7th at portlands Design Week. david presentation is being sponsored by wieden+kennedy, and Plazm magazine.

#DAVIDCARSON  I saw your lecture in Essen, way back in the 90s, shortly after your leave from Ray Gun, and that plus working as a trainee at Dirk Rudolph really kinda changed my course, for better or worse (ah no, for better, design is STILL a great job, at least for the ten seconds you can actually DO it). When I worked a lecturer for some eight years, I used much of your work to illustrate a certain point in design when emotion, intuition, personality reached a tipping point in creating artwork. From Tschicholds «invisible typographer» to RayGun . What kicked me into the direction was less the visual appeal of your work itself but the sheer wonderful pokerfacedness of it all. The «living» covers, the CocteauTwins-spread, stories ending on the cover. You made fairly clear that it wasn't about kicking letters to and fro, but about seizing the moment, having fun, fucking minds. Bringing yourself to the table and demanding playtime. Plus, the whole quitting-the-dream-job-coz-the-editor-didn't-like-my-Bowie-cover? I was (and still am) so in love with that ballsy way of sticking to your guns. Recently had a nice talk with a friend and we both agreed that it's time to get that feeling back into current design - not the LOOK, but that kinda fuck-it-all-drive and energy your work had, that mix of naivety and pitch-perfect feeling for composition.

So, yeah - me = fanboy, one of the many. Was a great kick to talk to you at the Typo Berlin backstage .....

hd, germany
august 2013.


website, omega.

david was asked to judge the 2012 prestigious
Successful Design Awards in china.

Asian logo/branding for new upscale
womans clothing line. 2013.

japan web site,2013.

new logo design,
latin america.2013/

david carson deisigned/art directed august 2012 issue of SURFportugal.

SURFportugal august 2012.illustration :george bates

kover,monster children magazine, australia.

david suggested+designed this xmas catalog kover, originally called 'the ultimate fleece guide" dec.2013.





nyc pro

dc digital werk.

dcd montage

dcd montage

motrin tv commercial

david garza video, "discoball world"

nine inch nails



2nd site(intuition)

EOP one


ryder trucks

david lecture at TED (http://TED.COM/)

dc, barcelona.


part of a series of work for fox broadcasting

world wide end tag for citibank commercials

xerox end tag

lucent technologies

bank of montreal

web site proposals for quiksilver pro new york

The Creativity 50,
david selected as "one of the top 50 creative people in america over the past 20 years",
by Creativity Magazine, NYC.2006

Creativity Magazine 20th Anniversary-
David Carson, a former professional surfer who studied sociology at San Diego State, rode his quirky art direction of magazines like Beach Culture, Ray Gun his style is "intuitive," he says, "I'm self-taught" to the pinnacle of the design world, amassing media accolades like "The most famous designer on the planet" and "art director of the era." His first book, The End of Print, with Lewis Blackwell (1995, revised 2000) is the top-selling graphic design book of all time, having sold more than 200,000 copies in five languages. That book title was somewhat prophetic, it seems; in recent years Carson, via David Carson Design, with offices in New York and Charleston, S.C., has launched a career as a film director, having become "fascinated by moving images," as he puts it, with commercials and branding projects for clients like Lucent, Microsoft, Quiksilver and Armani, as well as music videos for Nine Inch Nails and other bands. He says (on the nature of creativity): "All work needs to be personal it's where the best work comes from, and it's the only way to do something truly unique. Nobody else can pull from your background, upbringing, parents or life experiences. The best work is always the most self-indulgent. Do what you love and the passion will show."

mgm studios/hollywood web site

those interested in seeing Carson's work fire on all cylinders, and getting a better understanding of its wider cultural importance, check out his design for The Book of Probes, a collection of McLuhan aphorisms and adages, quips and japes, .......... In his essay about The Book of Probes, McLuhan expert W. Terrence Gordon writes that Carson's treatment of McLuhan's words "provides a haven of rest for an eye exhausted by the price it pays for its addiction to linear space . . . Carson tweaks the nose of our eye with a wake-up call to resonant utterance, scattering visual reminders of how we impoverish our sensory lives by clinging to linearity."

Read more: David Carson, Marshall McLuhan, and the End of Print (Again) »

samsung broadcast

tv end tag for nyquil

Notes: -View new Video interview on David Carson on

David, Just watched your interview on Hillman Curtis website. Really put me back on track. So much has been lost in the design industry. The love and respect for such an amazing trade. I have a difficult time because I am not constintly surrounding myself by other designers. But that is not the answer after watching your video. Its who I am and the life I live. Anyways I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you had to say. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Ben

partial client list:

Albert Watson, Aldus Corporation, American Airlines, Armani, American Express, Ameritrade, AT&T, Atlanta Olympics Committee, Atlantic Records , Autobytel ,Bose, Beach Culture, Blue Magazine , Big NYC, British Airways, Bank of Montreal, Budweiser (Superbowl spot), Bush, Citibank , CNN, Cuervo Gold, David Byrne, Dita watches, Elias Associates NY, Fox TV , Gannet Outdoor, Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston SC, Giorgio Armani , Glendale Federal, Idea Magazine (Japan), Individual, Kodak , Leap Batteries (Canada), Levi's, LOFT, Lotus Software, Lucent Technologies, Laguna Beach Contemporary Art Museum, Lycra, Marshall McLuhan Estate, Magic Johnson AIDS Foundation , MCI, Meg Ryan, Mercedes Benz, Metropolis magazine , MGM Studios , Microsoft , Motrin Migarine , MTV, Nations Bank, NBC, Newsweek, Nike , Nine Inch Nails , Nissan, Packard Bell, Pepsi, Princo, Quiksilver , Ray Ban , Ray Gun Magazine, Ryder Trucks, Sears, SOL Communications, Sony, Spalding, Speak magazine , Surfer's Path, Suzuki, Toyota, TwSkateboarding, twSnowboarding, UMPQUA Bank of Seattle, US West, Warner Brothers,Yale university, Western Union, Xerox .