From: Anto
Sent: Jul 25, 2005 6:37 AM
Subject: Trek
july.24 05
Mr C…
‘Ini sungguh menggetarkan hati.”
(It’s real vibrate heart).
The big questions for surfaces?
All revealed.
Antobowo (Jakarta)



Subject: Thank you!
Date: May 17, 2005 1:16 PM
Dear Mr. Carson:
My name is XXXXX XXXXX. My son attends XXXXXXXXXXX college in XXXXXXXX, Kansas. My sons name is XXXXXX XXXXXX He will have his senior showing next year. The reason for my email is to thank you for the inspiration you give the students. XXXXXX is passionate about the work he does, and I feel your work has been instrumental in the way he sees, and projects his creative talent. I am sure many students do projects with you as there subject, and XXXXXwas at least one of them.
He had a chance to see you on one of your last visits to Kansas City. He was so enthused for days. He has one of your books and keeps it with him all the time. He loves to share your book with everyone. He does very well in school. Very good GPA, and does well on his projects. Always has first in shows on his portfolio reviews.
Again, I am grateful for the inspiration you not only give XXXXX, but all that love your work. XXXX does not know that I am writing to you, but I can’t tell you how it feels for me to see him get so excited about something he loves so much. That is graphic design. I only hope that as he pursues his dream, he gets the fulfillment out of his work, as he says you get out of yours. After all, he is my son and I love him very much.
Thank you again,

buero am meer magazine


coming soon, 5th of july,
“buero am meer®” magazine by sven hoffmann,
ISSUE NUMBER 4, Carson: Family matters.
photographs + layouts from the life, david carson, 240 pages, bw
published by MEIN BUCH VERLAG, destributed by GINGKO PRESS,

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feb. 26th,2005 david picked up 9 Addy awards


feb. 26th,2005 david picked up 9 Addy awards for his print and broadcast work, including: 7 golds, Best of show for Broadcast (the tv spot he directed for umpqua) +Best of show overall (from over 450 entrees) for his direction and shooting of the Partnership for a Drug free America tv spot.
congrats to all at dcd.
David Carson Design
Partnership for Drug Free America – TV spot
David Carson , Director
ADDY Awards 2005 – Charleston, S.C.
I didn’t realize that this was David Carson’s work when we watched it the first time. The typography wasn’t the thing that caused me to enjoy it. It was just a novel way to do a very “tired” subject. It caused me to think about things in a different way and that’s what made it good. Very clever solution.
This spot had it all…killer art direction, amazing broadcast design, and most importantly, a powerful concept. It did what all those “Parents…the anti-drug” spots are trying to do, but failing miserably: Tell you exactly what you as a parent can do to help your child. And as it turns out, it’s a pretty simple thing to do. Moving, compelling, and persuasive.

i saw on your site about the awards u won for the drug campaign. so congrats. to have seen you in action, solving it – effortless,
detached, strangely unconscious – so surreal, but completely natural and obvious. aware but unaware. truth . super-natural. completely natural.
your/your work capture/captures the essence of truth like nothing else.
you are a phenonominon. –stephanie