Subject: flash forward


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Subject: flash forward
david, earlier this year, i hired a couple of digital guys from arnold in boston to come work for me. they just attended flash forward and heard you speak and said you were very inspiring. thought you might like to know, they thought you were the highlight of the conference : )
peace, mark

Subject: Inspiration


Subject: Inspiration
Hi David, Thanks for accepting my friendship. I know you have no idea who I am. You have been a huge inspiration to me as a designer. When I was in design school I saw you speak at Tulsa University. I was having a tough time in school and really questioning whether I wanted to be a designer at all. I spoke with you after your talk. You were very encouraging and inspiring. I still have the poster you designed hung in my office from your talk. 13 years later and it still inspires me. Thanks for all you have done to challenge the way people look at things. Keep up the great work.

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Subject: Thank you DC
Hello David,
I just wanted to send you my congratulations! Congrats on being the rule breaker in this stiff world of Graphic Design. I graduated from Cal State University Long Beach in 2003. As a Fine Art student, I took the “emphasis” in Graphic Arts as a way to potentially pay the bills. I had a tough time in college, constantly fighting with my Vivacious Fine Art side against the Rigid Grid-lined Design side presented by Professors at the time. You became my excuse for putting type/design outside of the grid and therefore helped me find that balance between fine art and design. You incorporate both and you are very successful at it. I am very awed at the fact that you are able to retain your free flowing “aloha” spirit in your lifestyle and artwork. I hope to one day achieve this. Thank you for breaking the rules and for continuing to to what you love without self sacrificing your spirit.
Los Angeles, California

Toronto 05


Toronto 05
hey dave,
i was just at your workshop yesterday,(one of the guys who went to pizza with you at lunch…the one with the tattoos) and i forgot to bring a logo that i designed for myself to be critiqued. i’d appreciate it if you could tell me what you think/give some feedback. (i’ve attached it) also i really enjoyed your workshop. eventhough it wasn’t the full two days, i felt like i got everything that i wanted to get out of it. i also had a fun time. it also got me thinking about school, and what to take from it. i feel like i can create much more creative things for projects now, even if we ‘have’ to use a grid. maybe you could come and talk at our college some time. (it’s algonquin college, in ottawa ontario.)
anyway, thanks alot
-dave sept 05′
ps. i also made those changes that you suggested to my work, because i am not handing it in until wednesday. it looks alot better.

Thanks for a great day at the Toronto workshop. It was great to trade eyes with someone whose style is such a polar opposite to mine.
I was the fellow who talked about differences between Germany and USA etc.
My site is at
… all very neat and organized! ;)
Looking forward to exploring the frontiers of simple and exciting, not simple and boring.
Surf’s up!
ps – i forgot to mention, next time you are in Toronto you must buy music at Soundscapes (572 College Street)
…and ring me up for a beer
thanx 4 replying
well I’m actually from saudi arabia and at the moment I’m studying visual communication in dubai. i think its cool that at the midst of all this political bs happening between americans and arabs, two people can make a connection based on art and respect. i think that if both sides would open their eyes, and minds they would realize that we are more alike than we think. and actually celebrate our differences insted of kill eachother over them. ahhhhhhh…i could go on but i wont. our cynical world it seems has no more room idealism.
so back to business, i liked the short clip u had posted on your site. did u ever think of making kind of like an experimental dvd…kind of with the same ideas of your books? like a videobook? i don’t even know what that means.

although a little slow in responding to you, i was prompted to email after seeing my face ..and laura’s face on your website from the toronto workshop. wow, what an honour!
i would like to say a great big thank you for an amazing and extremely inspiring day for us (we are the 2 sitting eagerly on the front row!). it was a HUGELY significant time of envisioning and has evoked dormant dreams to surface again.
thank you for providing creative direction and your feedback of our work was truly welcomed.
so much so, i have just returned from new orleans, helping out with disaster relief. i was able to document my time and be inspired by the paradox of seeing visual beauty in amongst such huge devastation.
yours very much inspired, jo nov.1,2005



Subject: Just thought I’d let you know.
Hi David. I just wanted to thank you for being so passionate.
I am a 21 year old student, studying visual communications and illustration in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I first heard about you when My studio professor had us watch the film Helvetica. I loved the film in general and particularly enjoyed the individual opinions and expressions of each designer/teacher/illustrator/researcher..etc who was in the film. You stood out the most however, with your passion for typography. We all loved your examples on the wall of words written in Helvetica, and how much the typeface did not express their meaning. Your concepts are truly unique, and are those things that I am always thinking about, but don’t quite know how to express them.
I took on a summer practicum this year, Choosing Typography as my subject to research. I am creating a handbook for students filled with useful information and examples. More importantly, it is filled with passion, passion for typography, and design that I am happy to say I feel, thanks to people like you.
Have a great day.