back to zurich before heading to konstance,


back to zurich before heading to konstance, germany for a
public lecture at the dialed in design school there. fotos tk.
back to zurich, then to Stockholm,Sweden for a week workshop and
crowded public lecture. plans are underway for a summer workshop…
great hosts,dinner.drinks, friendly and talented students and teachers at forsbergs college of design.
special thanks to pia, calle, the students, and sandra !
and then a Stockholm meeting with laurie haycock Makela to
discuss, and later toast, a new project between dc and Laurie.
laurie , the former head and
instructor and designer at cranbrook, and much. much more………

dcd studio Zurich


dcd studio Zurich
go here to order cool original dolls:
luke+luci got’em : )

Subject: re: dcd newsletter
Date: Jun 15, 2007 12:58 PM
Hey David,
good luck with the new studios. I hope you will be coming to Montreal soon. I would very much like to meet the person that inspired me to become a designer. You had a big impact on me and I owe a lot to you.
take care,



“GOING, GOING…” -carve

Ten leading artists, designer and musicians have joined forces to put on an exhibition of surfboard art to raise money for SAS.
They ‘ve each painted a full-size longboard, and the resulting artworks will go on show around the country in an exhibition called ‘longlife’, in collaboration with Oxbow UK.
The ten contributors include contemporary artist Damien Hirst, cartoonist Jamie Hewlett (who created Tank Girl and Gorillaz), graffitti artist Banksy, big-wave legend Laird Hamilton, comedian and actor Paul Kaye (aka Dennis Pennis), rock bands A and The Aphex Twin, and graphic designer David Carson (who helped create Raygun and Beach Culture, and revamped Surfer Magazine in the early ’90s).
At the end of the tour the boards will be auctioned, with all the proceeds going to the SAS campaign for clean seas. Some of the artworks are expected to fetch phenomenal prices; a painting by Damien Hirst on canvas, similar to board design he’s contributed, recently fetched £84,000.
The board were shaped by Chops Lascelles at the Laminations factoly in Cornwall and they’re all fully functional mals…although their eventual owners are unlikely to be jetting off to Hawaii with them.
The launch party of the exhibition was held at the Spitz Gallery in London in April, and the tour will visit six other galleries before winding up the closing party in Newquay in August. -SB
1-12 May   Spitz Gallery, London Spitalfields Market,109 Commercial Street, London
15-22 May   The Department Store Gallery, Manchester, 61 Thomas Street, Manchester
27-30 may   The Workstation, Sheffield, Paternoster Rows, Sheffields
4-12 June   Roadmender Gallery, Northampton, 1 Lady’s Lane, Northampton
18-25 June   Plymouth Arts Centre, 38 Looe Street, Plymouth
11-15 July   BAG Gallery, Brighton, 108a Dyke Road, Seven Dials Junction, Brighton
26 July-2 Aug   Spacex Gallery, Exeter, 45 Preston Street, Exeter
16 Aug   Closing party, Newquay The Koola Bar, Beach Road, Newquay
* to bid on David’s Surf Board go to: AUCTION section