jan.11 07


jan.11 07
Dear David,
since I was given TREK for Christmas 06 (about ten years after I got my hands on “THE END OF PRINT”) I feel its time to contribute my personal “David – you’ve done well” lines…
Until the age of 32 I worked as a tennis-teaching-pro and then 2 things changed my life:
First thing was I met a former friend who was at that that time busy building an advertising agency.
Second thing was I got my hands on TEOP.
Both chances made me change my profession to become a graphic designer. There were hard years to go but finally I made it. All these years – again and again – your work was an inspiration not to give up. Thanks for that.
All I can say today is: You David achieved a lot but the best thing of all these things is: your work touches peoples soul: DAVID YOU DID WELL INDEED .. ;-)
I hope that when I will retire (what will never happen actually) you are still around giving us “TREK RELOADED 2030″.
Stay tuned – hope to see you sometime, somewhere.
Hello David-
Thought you might enjoy this.

I made it the other day
and I just got TREK. I’m sure you
heard this before, but
t h a n k s
for changing the way I look
at the world.
J.A. Wallace
UCLA student

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