portugal exhibition and poster


David Carson David Carson #SURFCITY “we are antonyms”
hi marc
i found a flight, have paid for it,
im coming!! what else u need from me?? just need one night hotel, happy to pay for rest and lecture for free (=a beer or 3 : )
fneed foto bio stuff etc?
Sorry David, we have no money for your ticket, nor have your hotel reservation. Your’ve been a day without saying anything. And we canceled everything!
We have been very impressed with your poor professionalism.
We are an independent project that moves us the enthusiasm and passion for our work. Surfcity born with the idea of promoting surf-art between artists compromitidos with his job!
No more, says goodbye, #Marc Conca
to Marc
i have sorted my ticket, is there no way to get one night. thursday hotel room?
tho never invited, i have been trying very hard to be a part of your event, as my work is only about passion+enthusiasm+art+surf. and i am near by!
Marc Conca
3:07 PM (50 minutes ago)
to me
ok, GOT IT : ) no need to scream : )
seems a not so mellow surf/art vibe you promote! (..sarcasm +screaming all caps!) . kinda ‘unimpressed’ with your “unprofessionalism” too, but maybe that’s the CITY part of the event! no worries.
surfers/artists im used to working with, and being around, tend to be more relaxed, mellow + flexible in supporting the tribe.
sometimes flexibility +working with artists can result in good experiences for all.
+i think yer audience might have enjoyed my small part in what looks to be a great event! best of luck,
(+kudos to the photoshop dept!)
take care

“aqua de surf, surf city barcelona”

Hello David !

I’m sorry to bother you, but I just need to tell you some things. I was in the workshop at ESAD (Matosinhos) in Portugal, and also was present at the conference that you gave at the exhibition. I’m the one who wants to “keep on rockin”, you know? Well I need to thank you.
The thing is I’m fininshing the master’s degree in graphic design, but actually before this I never really had a great education in this field – so that made me a little insecure. So in my final project (a rock magazine) I might say I was stuck, afraid to break free and expand ideas… Then you came. Off course I already knew your work, your philosophy, but to hear you, to see you, to work with you in that workshop, it made me realize I really do have to trust my gut. So I came home, started to work on my magazine with no limitations, really following my intuition. And my teacher really loved the results and encouraged me to go on like that. It’s almost finished now, and I really need to thank you for the inspiration. That workshop may have changed my life. I think that if I had not been there, I would probably still struggling with myself and feeling scared, not trusting my capacities.
I really have evolved since that week. So thank you, David!

Hope to see you again in the future.

june 17,2011
ps – I send a photo of you signing my poster at the exhibition. You wrote to me “keep on playing” and you can bet I will :)

david exhibition in porto , portugal, up till august.