david speaks at SXSW austin, texas,


david speaks at SXSW austin, texas, march 15. 09.

davids topic and panel was “is spec work evil?” more response to come, heres the first:
God bless you for the comments you made on the spec work panel. I owe you a drink.
LA, Calif.
Hi David,
saw your panel on sxsw and thought you were right on – just wanted to let you know we are changing our future design contests to not allow for logos and such to try and keep our contests more pure. Appreciated your presentation.
I live in Laguna Niguel and surf trestles quite a bit – would be fun to surf with you one day ;)
Mr. Carson:
I made the mistake of watching this clip right before bed!
Thank you for bringing a voice of reason to this topic. Unbelievable. I had a feeling the jokers from web sites that are making money from spec might disagree with you, but I was shocked that the woman from AIGA seemed unsure of AIGA’s spec work policy. She seemed to say, “we think it’s wrong, but maybe we are wrong. What say you?”
And thank you also for not wearing your bathrobe to the discussion.

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