Hi David I have no idea if you’ll get this,


Hi David
I have no idea if you’ll get this, I got your email out of the End Of Print book (which says it was published in 2000) which was 9 years ago, so weather you still use this email or not, time will tell.
I am mainly emailing you to send a note of admiration, and considering your a famous and I’m assuming, very busy designer I shall try and keep this short and sweet.
I am quite a fan of Nine Inch Nails. I’ve liked a lot of the earlier work for years now. I have been studying graphic art and graphic design for the past 3 years now, though I have been working as a freelancer for many other years, however I have learned that after looking back, my knowledge of designers was quite limited, and the sheer fact I did not know anything about one of the worlds most famous designers (you) was quite laughable. I am pleased to say that after doing some research on you for an assignment, I am pleasantly surprised to find you were behind the imagery for the very NIN album I loved (The Fragile)
Design work like yours has greatly influenced and inspired my own directions and has opened my eyes to new possibilities (and design rules to break) and I just want to thank you for inspiring so many of us designers and budding designers.
I won’t use up any more of your time, I just feel the need when I have the opportunity, to send a note of admiration to the designers and artists that have influenced and inspired me.
I wish you the very best for your future and and hope you continue to inspire many more designers in the future (without them trying to emulate or copy your style directly of course)
All the best
march 22.

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