davids mini-simmons sits ready in tortola…… jan.09


davids mini-simmons sits ready in tortola…… jan.09



foto: dc’s 09 quiver, jan.09


david test piloting, feb.18.09. 5.10 mini simmons/swift surfboards,
fotos by Graham Gurney

david picks up a 5’4 quad for testing in the carribbean, march 09.foto by r. kenvin

dc + carl ekstrom with some of carl’s new prototypes. (finless) san diego, may 12,2009

note tail and fin placement

worldwide rebranding of western union, samsung, master card werk



master card werk

suicidegirls brochure


samsung broadcast

le book/connections conference. design:dc

dc, kgb, mini-simmons, (the swift movement) march 28,09′ frame grab by ant

del mar email check zone.
luci bd,bark pb,swift M-s.

dc’s newold lc.

luci explores the land cruiser.

tortola wheels.

dc transport in switzerland




david was part of the worldwide rebranding of western union. 2009.

cougar paper promotion