universtiy of south florida


david held a workshop and public lecture recently at universtiy of south florida(USF)
sponsored in part by AIGA student group : )
and joani!
poster design by ringling school of design professor
edwin utermohlen
– one of the original “ugly” designers
(so described by a new york newspaper reporter)
nice work win, and thanks joani for a great visit-dc
edwin utermohlen

the art institute of ft. lauderdale.


DC spoke last thursday, feb, 23, 2006 at the art institute of ft. lauderdale.
standing room only with some 300+ attendees, a good time was had by all.well, ok, MOST all..
Student alfredo plessman said he was so inspired by the lecture, he painted, for the first time+all night- over the announcement poster(above left). alfredo went to wal mart at 3am to buy paint,and when david arrived in class the next day, he was greeted by alfredo’s
reinterpretation of the orginal poster. nice work alfredo, and thanks to mimi for making the visit such a good one.



moscow, title: support russian products /russian artist: sasha sankova

photo: kostya lipatov

foto: dc

dc photo of serge serov