Subject: The End of Print


Subject: The End of Print
I can’t believe I’m actually typing this because who knows if you even check this particular email-but here it goes. My name is Meghan and I’m a graphic design student from Ohio. A few months ago an assignment in one of my classes was to redesign a publication the way that another designer would do it. So I searched the web and found a few of the classic designers, and even though their designs were stunning they didn’t really interest me. So I decided to look at some design books instead. When I finally saw your book I freaked out because I couldn’t figure out where the title was, which was the craziest and yet most wonderful thing in the world to me…that you could create a response like that with something such a small detail. For the first time I felt something click. Since then I’ve probably “read” every page of The End of Print at least 15 times now, and I find new things in it each time that I never noticed before. Reading your book has changed my style into something that I can’t explain, which is what I love about your designs. Before I saw your work type was secondary-and more like a chore. But now it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders-and it doesn’t have to be anything, and I’m finally free. I don’t think it should even be called type anymore. You have been a such a huge inspiration to me, I’m curious as to what inspires you-or if your ideas just smack you right in the face. I would also love to come to a workshop of yours but I have no idea how to go about doing it-I do hope to one day meet you in person.
july 10, 2006

Dominant Wave, Ortlos: , F!rst Point, buero am meer, almaquatica


all available now,
“Dominant Wave Theory, Photography by Andy Hughes”
published by Booth-Clibborn Editions,

“Ortlos: Architecture of the Networks” 216 pages book,
by ortlos architects and david carson, foreword by thom mayne.
published by Hatje Cantz,

“F!rst Point” magazine, #3 available now!
(the link for US subscriptions is here.)
interview- first point magazine, issue 2

cover, “buero am meer®” magazine by sven hoffmann,
ISSUE NUMBER 4, Carson: Family matters.
photographs + layouts from the life, david carson, 240 pages, bw

“almaquatica” by klaus mitteldorf, sidney tenucci, david carson, coming soon!

BIG magazine: review from TRANSWORLD SURF


BIG magazine, SURF: review from TRANSWORLD SURF

Big Surf
Big magazine has a pretty unique formula. Each issue is made in a different country utilizing a different set of contributors. This month, they’ve come to the shores of the U.S. and hired ex-Surfing magazine Editor In Chief Jamie Brisick and art-direction guru David Carson to do an issue titled simply “Surf.”
Slightly oversized and printed on paper stock that would make most book publishers green with envy, the surf issue of Big gives its readers a kind of grassrootsy view of surfing through the eyes of such contributors as Drew Kampion, Nick Carroll, Derek Hynd, and C.R. Stecyk. With an eclectic mix-ture of articles that cover territory as diverse as interviews with Malia Jones and Steve Pezman; photos from SeaGaia Ocean Dome’s wave pool in Miyazaki, Japan; and collages of photos and paintings; this issue of Big is a must-have for collectors of surf history.
Good newsstands should carry it, but if you’re having trouble locating a copy, you can get more into at –Joel Patterson