zurich, switzerland studio, 071115


dc spent the last 4 months working from his zurich, switzerland studio,
and is now back for the winter surf season in the west indies…
he has upcoming speaking/lecturing/workshopping in london,
stockholm,sweden, basel,switzerland, and charlotte,north carolina. specific dates coming.
the switzerland lecture will be in basel, on the same campus that banned david
during his ray gun days,( they didnt agree with his design ideas………)
look for a late spring releases of “lucky disasters” with scott peek and
the coolest screen printers across amerika, and super fine artist wolfgang
blochs first book, also designed by dc.
david’s own new design book, is getting close to completion, look for early summer relaese, or not.
david was at his carribean diggs to catch the first swell of the season recently,
and is still recovering from a rather unfriendly reef he met close up.
and, has just begun desinging his 2nd ever ‘annual report’ for a secret large international firm based in switzerland. strange.
david is also starting work on the rebranding of joe bark paddelboards, print and website.
check out dcs revealing interview on taxi design network, the online design magazine, due up
next month. as well as the current issue of n.east mag for a dc interview.
happy turkey day for those who celebrate it, and for those who dont.
(ps if your wondering, yes,i actually write these. havent sorted out
having a real writer on staff._david)

the salvador dali museum in st. petersburg


the salvador dali museum in st. petersburg has commissioned david to rebrand the entire new building that will house the largest collection of dali’s work. david will be responsible for all signage, graphics , broadcast and identity work.