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david lectures in zurich june 16th and london june 18, 2008.

dcd studio Zurich


dcd studio Zurich
go here to order cool original dolls:
luke+luci got’em : )

Subject: re: dcd newsletter
Date: Jun 15, 2007 12:58 PM
Hey David,
good luck with the new studios. I hope you will be coming to Montreal soon. I would very much like to meet the person that inspired me to become a designer. You had a big impact on me and I owe a lot to you.
take care,

TREK :456 pages New,


TREK :456 pages New,
DC’s first graphic design book in 5 years. Get’ ready.
Intro by: Erik McLuhan
Essays by: Steven Heller, Drew Kampion, Jamie Brisick

Trek to arrive in usa on dec 5th 03′ from italy. (Europe +asia the week before.)