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Greetings David:
Once again, I must thank King Carson for inspiration. In the midst of a heavy design work week I found myself stuck on several conceptual layouts. I pulled, 2nd Sight, fotografiks, Trek, and finally… the bible, Probes off the shelf and soon after had my project approved for next-gen edit. I greatly… look forward to your next volume as a new personal graphic assistant. We worked together years ago on a small private publication magazine and I hope to do so again in the future. You friend and fellow soldier in the graphic design holy wars, Mark Polansky.
june 3, 2010.


Sent: Mar 29, 2010 4:12 PM
Subject: helvetica
Hi David,
the other day i was noodling through itunes and started watching the second half of Helvetica. I was drawn to your piece on type and how you didn’t know what you were doing when you started, but were trying to make an emotional connection between words and design. Something about this really ignited for me and i felt compelled to write you.
i am a monk, poet, designer, musician, believe it or not all of these “disciplines” sort of feed into each other, inform and offer respite to each other.
I also teach a group of high schoolers, precocious and semi-undisciplined, graphic arts. . .I want for them to have that sort of experience you are talking about.
I think for me it comes down to peering at something until you can see it differently, until before your very eyes it changes and reveals something unknown about itself. sometimes this requires silence, sometimes violence. I guess if i was being honest I would say, i long for this, but fear it.
I’m not really asking anything, just saying I appreciate your work. . . i suspect we may be from wildly different worlds, but I recognized and respect the veracity of what i was seeing and hearing. . .
Br. Christopher
Date: Mar 26, 2010 6:22 AM
Going over a layout and my new creative director out of the blue asks me which designer I’m most inspired by. Without hesitation, David Carson.
Haven’t thought about that question in some time, probably college. It was refreshing to revisit the feelings behind why I started doing all this in the first place. Emotion that was a bit lost in the shuffle after being undertaken with big business/corporate industry these past few years.
After that discussion I made my first visit to your website and immediately remembered why this is the industry I’m in. Pioneers like yourself are who gives us creatives around the world authority and voice. You’ve empowered us to pursue not only our professional vision but also our life vision.
The real coincidence here is my new design job brought me to Charleston and has allowed me to live on Folly Beach. A place I see you were able to draw much inspiration from as well. I hope to keep the tradition going.
Thanks for stirring all that up the again.
Hi David!
Thank you again for inviting me to your home in kane garden bay. I felt honored and was delighted with you as a person. Now, after reading about you, I am in awe and a little embaressed that I didn’t know who you were. To be invited into the home of someone as accomplished as you really makes a person feel good. You have to be one of the most laid back and humble people on the planet and I feel lucky to have met you. Whenever you are in SC and would like some company, let me know. I would love to have my family meet you. Next time there is a swell in KGB I hope to see you there!
thanks again,
Robert T


DC Named to Most Influential list, BEST OF SHOW


lettering david did for opening of new quiksilver hdqrtrs in france
may 27, 2010


DC Named to Most Influential list
Graphic Design USA magazine(NYC) recently listed the “Most influential graphic designers of the era” David was listed as one of the top 5 most influential designers, along with Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, Saul Bass and Massimo Vignelli.

David Carson Design
Partnership for Drug Free America – TV spot
David Carson , Director
ADDY Awards :
I didn’t realize that this was David Carson’s work when we watched it the first time. The typography wasn’t the thing that caused me to enjoy it. It was just a novel way to do a very “tired” subject. It caused me to think about things in a different way and that’s what made it good. Very clever solution.
This spot had it all…killer art direction, amazing broadcast design, and most importantly, a powerful concept. It did what all those “Parents…the anti-drug” spots are trying to do, but failing miserably: Tell you exactly what you as a parent can do to help your child. And as it turns out, it’s a pretty simple thing to do. Moving, compelling, and persuasive.