Your work, and specifically


Hi David,
Your work, and specifically your work for Nine Inch Nail’s ‘The Fragile’ is what encouraged me to study design.
I now pursue a career as a freelance motion designer.
In your TED lecture you ask, ‘if you could afford to, if money wasn’t
an issue, would you be doing that same work?’
I am so lucky because my answer is yes.
Just above my desk at home (where I work most of the time) is a framed copy of the cover art you did for ‘The Fragile’. The album itself had a profound impact on me and I’m still a huge fan of Trent’s to this day. Your work had just as a heavy an impact and I cant think of a single piece of artwork that stirs up as much emotion as that cover.
july 27, 2010

back to zurich before heading to konstance,


back to zurich before heading to konstance, germany for a
public lecture at the dialed in design school there. fotos tk.
back to zurich, then to Stockholm,Sweden for a week workshop and
crowded public lecture. plans are underway for a summer workshop…
great hosts,dinner.drinks, friendly and talented students and teachers at forsbergs college of design.
special thanks to pia, calle, the students, and sandra !
and then a Stockholm meeting with laurie haycock Makela to
discuss, and later toast, a new project between dc and Laurie.
laurie , the former head and
instructor and designer at cranbrook, and much. much more………


archive: news-0206: david has just finished designing the summer issue of BIG magazine. check it out in late july or early august at better newsstands worldwide. also watch for david’s “the book of probesgingkopress
with marshall mcluhan (gingko press) out early fall. david is putting the final touches on TREK, gingkopress
his latest grafik design book. look for a new quiksilver campaign this fall, as david continues to design their ads and various products for the surfwear company.
david has just finished designing a 240 book for the laguna art museum, to coincide with their exhibition
SURF CULTURE: the art history of surfing.
a new web magazine, “the mixture”, will beup this fall featuring davids design and input.
And pick up the latest nine inch nails DVD to see davids navigational work.
Recent lectures include a sold out standing room only gig in portland oregon, that -despite the AIGA refusing to help out with the event -sponsored by the northwest college of art,and plasm magazine, drew over 600 people.
recent sold out lectures also included”the art institute of pittsburgh” (also snubbed by the local aiga leadership, and also sold out), the school of visual arts in nyc, the art directors club in new brunswick canada, and sao paulo , brazil. david also
judged this years art directors club awards held in new york city.
coming up this september and october include lectures/workshops in slovenia,
london, and helsinki.
also: check out the design workshops david is giving in august and september in florida at the aca.
david will be working out of the malibu studio this summer, and will be opening a branch office in charleston south carolina in the fall.(both charleston +malibu offices are looking for interns-entry level positions) the primary office remains in new york, (with a winter branch in tortola). all for now. have a, no actually MAKE, a great summer. dcd nyc,

nin, All That Could Have Been


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