worldwide rebranding of western union, samsung, master card werk



master card werk

suicidegirls brochure


samsung broadcast

le book/connections conference. design:dc

dc, kgb, mini-simmons, (the swift movement) march 28,09′ frame grab by ant

del mar email check zone.
luci bd,bark pb,swift M-s.

dc’s newold lc.

luci explores the land cruiser.

tortola wheels.

dc transport in switzerland




david was part of the worldwide rebranding of western union. 2009.

cougar paper promotion


archive: news-0811: david is still finishing up his new book,
also working on projects for the dali museum,
western union, and quiksilver. he has also opened a branch
office with some friends in hermosa beach, under the name ‘spit studio’.
he has a major exhibition in south korea this spring,
and is a speaker at the flash film festival in amsterdam in march.
he speaks in jakarta in may.
see dc talk:
see obama mag: