I.D. Magazine 2005 Annual Design Review


“David Carson continues to be one of the world’s most distinctive
typographic voices–
much imitated, but never matched,”_ Ellen Lupton, ID MAG judge, june 2005
I.D. Magazine 2005 Annual Design Review
David Carson’s retrospective of his past five years, Trek features photography, film, and Web-based projects that shift between personal and commercial. Uniting the content is Carson’s distinctively fragmented and layered compositional approach: One example, a photograph of a sun-bleached shack and a notice board that reads “Carson Design inc,” is adorned with graphic sunbursts, leaving the reader to wonder how much of the image is real and how much constructed. The jurors commended the fluid, free-associative feel. “David Carson continues to be one of the world’s most distinctive typographic voices–much imitated, but never matched,” Lupton said. She added that the book, which is published by Gingko Press, “effectively presents Carson’ own work in his own style. That could be too much of a good thing, but in this case, it’s just right.”

jan.11 07


jan.11 07
Dear David,
since I was given TREK for Christmas 06 (about ten years after I got my hands on “THE END OF PRINT”) I feel its time to contribute my personal “David – you’ve done well” lines…
Until the age of 32 I worked as a tennis-teaching-pro and then 2 things changed my life:
First thing was I met a former friend who was at that that time busy building an advertising agency.
Second thing was I got my hands on TEOP.
Both chances made me change my profession to become a graphic designer. There were hard years to go but finally I made it. All these years – again and again – your work was an inspiration not to give up. Thanks for that.
All I can say today is: You David achieved a lot but the best thing of all these things is: your work touches peoples soul: DAVID YOU DID WELL INDEED .. ;-)
I hope that when I will retire (what will never happen actually) you are still around giving us “TREK RELOADED 2030″.
Stay tuned – hope to see you sometime, somewhere.
Hello David-
Thought you might enjoy this.

I made it the other day
and I just got TREK. I’m sure you
heard this before, but
t h a n k s
for changing the way I look
at the world.
J.A. Wallace
UCLA student



From: Anto
Sent: Jul 25, 2005 6:37 AM
To: dcarson@earthlink.net
Subject: Trek
july.24 05
Mr C…
‘Ini sungguh menggetarkan hati.”
(It’s real vibrate heart).
The big questions for surfaces?
All revealed.
Antobowo (Jakarta)