dda awards in london, uruguay workshp


dc selected to judge prestigious dda awards in london:
david is back from speaking + workshops in urguay and new zealand,
david will be speaking in italy in late february, and at typoberlin in may. more lectures tba
uruguay workshp



workshop in montevdeo,urguay aug 09.


Sent: Aug 28, 2009 7:33 PM To: dcarson@earthlink.net Subject: From uruguay
My name is Cecilia, i’m 27 years old and I’m form montevideo, uruguay. I’d been familiar with your work long before i attended to your conference a couple of weeks ago, and i must say that it was worth the waiting and the neck pain i got from sitting on the floor with my head twisted enought to be able to see the images. I’m sorry to say that i thanked god for speaking english…since many things got lost in translation, litteraly. Many of these things caught my attention, but one really did it big time: the fact you consider the possibility that some graphic design pieces could trully be a pice of art. I attended to the national school of fine arts, and i’m also a web designer…so, discussing with students and collegues from both sides.. they seem to think i’m crazy for sharing that thought,so though i’m used to having a foot on each field and convinced that they can meet and converge in certain graphic pieces, i was great to hear someone else saying that it might be possible. I felt related to so many things, i’m a photographer (i was that before i even started studying webdesign), and i always have my cam on me..anyway, my point is that all those things people told me over the years that i couldn’t be involved in more than one field (or none would take me seriously)… came down to the ground listening to you, and i admit it, i felt amused by those people’s faces as they listened (it’s interesting how people may change their minds about something as soon as they listen to a “respectable and trustfull” source). I’d have liked to talk to you a bit more..but i knew it was not possible, you did say where you were going to be, but it was going to be crowded and it’s unhuman to expect you to have a conversation with everyone who feels like it. But to be honest, i think i would have liked that not because of what you may represent in your field, but cause i thought you were a nice, kind and interesting person to talk to, besides the fact that we obviously have some common interests. Bottom line, i’d have enjoyed talking to the person behind the name.
Now i’ve a job interview tomorrow, i’m doing a new portfolio, and for some reason i remember the conference, and the fact you said you read the e-mails people send you, and i just thought you might like to know, it was an inspirational experience, and it was fun as well (like the “friendly child eatter dog” jaja) so i worte this e-mail.
Well, thanks for reading and enjoy your days.


dc london lecture SOLD OUT. june18.08.


dc london lecture SOLD OUT. june18.08.
“Hi David,
I went to your talk in London, your print is currently hanging proud in my living room.
Thanks again for a great seminar.”.
Date: Jun 25, 2008 7:02 AM
Hi David,
I just wanted to thankyou for the seminar in riverside studios, london last week, it was very inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Up until that point I had worked for two different councils in Wales (uk) producing print graphics. There were no promotion prospects within the councils and graphics opportunities are generally very limited or very competitive in the uk, so I had decided to retrain in town and country planning (more money!) and had more or less given up on my graphics/illustration career.
But your talk has inspired me, by demonstrating innovative and original artwork, emphasising the need to concentrate on the smallest design details and also made me realise that I actually enjoy illustrating (I don’t look at the clock when Im doing it!). So I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts on freelance illustration, and see where that takes me. Fingers crossed!
Thanks again.
p.s. Maybe a graphic design rule could be; “Never, no matter what the reason, use comic sans”?!?
p.p.s. Theres some very cheap digital projectors on the market!
Subject: Your London talk, 18 June 2008
Date: Jun 22, 2008 5:50 PM
Hi David,
I saw you speak at the Riverside in Hammersmith last week.
It gave me the push I needed for a project I’m working on – I’m a freelancer currently designing a book for a London Council. They have not allowed nearly enough time for the design work but I want it to be really good, especially as it’s going out to help kids, so I have been doing a lot of extra hours for free to make it special.
After a lot of tiring, working-round-the-clock, my enthusiasm was beginning to wane and I was thinking, “I’ll go to this lecture, then get back and just bang out the rest of the design to finally get it finished”. Your lecture inspired me to keep going and produce something really cool, instead of just what was expected.
When you have short deadlines and conservative clients it is easy to forget to enjoy it and play with design but your talk was just the tonic I needed to inspire me again. Thank you.
I hope you speak again in London soon. The slides flying around the place was a particularly cool touch ;)
Best wishes,
Date: Jun 23, 2008 11:24 AM
Hi David
Just wanted to say thank you for a great slideshow last week – flying slides and dance beat from the slide machine included. I really enjoyed it and you have given me a new vigour for my work at a time when my clients had been driving me to insanity… Thank you again, and when you are next in London I will happily come see the same slideshow – or take you out and show you the hidden London by night that few tourists see – rather than the inside of your hotel bar.
Dear David,
I just wanted to write on behalf of my students to say how much we enjoyed your seminar on Wednesday evening 18th June at the Riverside Studios. There were 17 of us including 4 staff and we loved your desktop! (Was this intentional?!)
We had to leave on mass and I just wanted you to know that the mass exodus wasn’t a protest we just had to catch our ride home into the wild depths of Hampshire.
If you ever fancy popping by Farnborough College of Technology to talk to the students about design we would love it. We looking forward to owning ‘The Rules of Graphic Design’ when it comes out later this year (we hope!)
Kind regards
Dear Mr. Carson,
i hope you had a good stay in london last week and it was in the same way so inspiring for the people there like for me here in Zurich.
All the best,
Date: Jun 24, 2008 12:45 PM
Hi David,
I attended your talk on the Rules of graphic Design last Wednesday, which was extremely enlightening and highly refreshing (our desktops look the same! – its not just me!).
At the end of your talk you was selling signed prints, in which I was very interested in however only had my credit card. I would absolutely love one so it I can frame it and put it in our studio to look upon in times of desperate inspiration!.
I was wondering if you had any left that I could purchase? Kind Regards David,
Hey David,
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your seminar in london a few weeks back.
I flew over from Ireland for it and it was worth it in spite of the technical difficulties!
just wanted to say thank you for proving that design can be fun!
july 28,’08
hi david
i attended your seminar in june at the riverside studios which i thoroughly enjoyed. years ago,as someone who’d just come out of secretarial college, i’d stare at your ray gun layouts thinking “what is this?” but be totally enthralled by what was going on over the pages. i left my job as a receptionist at a travel agency – after two weeks – and found myself a job working in a publishing house as a pa. after hours i’d head down to the studio and make a nuisance of myself until eventually they had to give me a job. on weekends, i’d often find myself back at the bookshop, looking at raygun. and now i work as a graphic designer. my first purchase, when i moved to london, was the end of print.
thank you for not learning all the things you’re not supposed to do.
london 080808
Hi David
I saw your presentation in Zurich on Monday 16 June. I wanted to thank you for giving me one of your Obama posters it really made my day and I’m still absolutely stoked by your kindness and generosity. We spoke briefly about New Zealand (as that’s where I come from) and you mentioned you had thought about going there.. here’s a photo of a break close to where I live in Taranaki.. wicked, eh? ;-) You should definitely visit..

i-lovedesign interviews


it was on to london to film the i-lovedesign
interviews. from there, to linz, austria for a public lecture.
this 2009 ‘cultural city of eruope’ host and former home
of pure evil whose parents are now “buried close by”.
after a packed lecture and fine dinner, it was back to the new
zurich studio, before heading to a lecture and workshop in
riga,latvia. a very successful workshop followed, as did fine
company,dinners and hosts. thank you latvian art directors club
and especially zane.