worldwide rebranding of western union, samsung, master card werk



master card werk

suicidegirls brochure


samsung broadcast

le book/connections conference. design:dc

dc, kgb, mini-simmons, (the swift movement) march 28,09′ frame grab by ant

del mar email check zone.
luci bd,bark pb,swift M-s.

dc’s newold lc.

luci explores the land cruiser.

tortola wheels.

dc transport in switzerland




david was part of the worldwide rebranding of western union. 2009.

cougar paper promotion

zurich london



david lectures in zurich june 16th and london june 18, 2008.

i-lovedesign interviews


it was on to london to film the i-lovedesign
interviews. from there, to linz, austria for a public lecture.
this 2009 ‘cultural city of eruope’ host and former home
of pure evil whose parents are now “buried close by”.
after a packed lecture and fine dinner, it was back to the new
zurich studio, before heading to a lecture and workshop in
riga,latvia. a very successful workshop followed, as did fine
company,dinners and hosts. thank you latvian art directors club
and especially zane.

back to zurich before heading to konstance,


back to zurich before heading to konstance, germany for a
public lecture at the dialed in design school there. fotos tk.
back to zurich, then to Stockholm,Sweden for a week workshop and
crowded public lecture. plans are underway for a summer workshop…
great hosts,dinner.drinks, friendly and talented students and teachers at forsbergs college of design.
special thanks to pia, calle, the students, and sandra !
and then a Stockholm meeting with laurie haycock Makela to
discuss, and later toast, a new project between dc and Laurie.
laurie , the former head and
instructor and designer at cranbrook, and much. much more………