The first Probes review on Amazon.


The first Probes review on Amazon.
5 stars on amazon
“a beautiful, insightful book for the post-literate era, December 5, 2003
High praise to Gingko Press for such a beautiful book in both construction
and graphics, a retrieval and development on the original Quentin Fiore
collaborations of the sixties. And this is no ordinary book of quotations,
organized by topic or chronology. Each quote indeed acts as a probe for the
reader, and of the reader; and collectively each of the hundreds of isolated
insights echo and haunt the others. The effect is similar to the famous
Monday night seminars; close the book and you are not quite sure what you’ve
learned, but walk around and the way you see the culture has been changed.
For the literati, there is an introduction and an important essay by W. T.
Gordon describing McLuhan’s debt to de Saussure’s linquistics. But this is
not a book for the scholars and their after-the-crime-has-been-committed
analysis. This is a book for the streets, not the ivory tower, for the poets
and novelists, the misfits and malcontents of the digital consensus. It’s a
good review for those familar with McLuhan, and should be a fine
introduction to a new generation of independent media scholars.